We’ll tell you about us...but first… a brief history lesson. 

Let’s set the scene. It’s the late 1600’s/early 1700’s -- the years following the founding of the American Colonies -- and the British Crown has just been told of the riches that are American forests. The King lusts for trees taller and stronger than anything England has seen for generations to use as ship masts for the British Royal Navy. 

In the Massachusetts Charter of 1691 the concept of “Kings Wood” is born. The charter mandates that the best of the best of the Eastern White Pine trees be reserved for the King of England to be used in crafting the finest products of the time. Locally known as “Kings Wood” these trees were marked with the kings broad arrow -- three slashes of an axe to form an upward pointing arrow. 

Fast forward some 400 years and here we are today. Kings Wood Confectionery. Founded on White Pine Lane in America’s Hometown -- Plymouth, Massachusetts -- we strive to create confectionery products the crown would lust over today. The best of the best for you to craft the finest confectionery products of our time.

We honor the history of our inspiration including a modern take on the kings broad arrow in our logo with a color palette inspired by the eastern white pine trees of New England in the snowy and crisp season in which our company was founded. 

Just as the Crown claimed the strongest, most durable and beautiful trees for their use. We hope you’ll claim Kings Wood Confectionery products for yourself.

Who We Are?

There is nothing that says I love you like a baked good. Especially one that you know is made with love. Be it a heap of icing and sprinkles made by a child or a carefully crafted sugar cookie that you knowwww took someone some time to make -- a baked good undoubtedly says I care about you. 

At Kings Wood Confectionery we want you to know how much we care about you! It’s our purpose to provide you with confectionery products to show it. From cutter design to the materials we use to build our cutters, to the packaging we take care and pride in each step of the process.