Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are my cutters safe for use with food? 

Yes. Our cutters are made from FDA and EU approved food safe biopolymers. They are safe to use in the production of food. 

Q: Are my cutters dishwasher safe?

Yes. They are designed to be washed with hot water by hand under the facet and used with low temp dishwasher cycles.

Our cutters are made from high quality durable biopolymers capable of tolerating high temperatures. Since cookie cutters are so thin, these materials are only capable of withstanding high temperatures for shorter periods. Some dishwasher cycles with high temp cycles run for an extended period of time which may lead to warping, so we recommend running normal or lowest temperature dishwasher cycles.

Reference our clean and care guide.

Q: How should I clean and care for my cutters?

To keep your cutters clean and avoid damage we recommend the following. 

  1. Yes. You can hand wash your cutters under the faucet with hot water and dish soaps.
  2. Yes. You can wash your cutters in the dishwasher on normal or low temperature cycles.
  3. Always place the cutter handle-side down on a flat portion of the dishwasher rack.
  4. No. Avoid high temperature or heated dry cycles in the dishwasher.
  5. No. Avoid sanitization or steam cycles in the dishwasher.
Q: Do you offer custom cookie cutters?

Yes. We do provide custom cutters for commercial bakers or special occasions. This process takes more time to design, approve, and produce the finished cutters. 

Please contact us at to request further information.

Q: Can you make a cutter with our favorite character or sports team? 

We can only make cutters using your unique images, corporate branding, logos or intellectual property. Unfortunately, we cannot make cutters or confectionery products using other business' protected property without express written permission.