Classic Rectangle

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The clean slate every baker needs. First time bakers to experienced cookie artists, the classic rectangle is a beautiful shape for all.

Available in multiple sizes including:

  • 2.5 in wide x 1.5 in tall
  • 3 in wide x 2 in tall
  • 4 in wide x 3 in tall

Our cutters are designed to impress:

  • Engineered to be durable and keep shape during cutting
  • Cutter grip designed to be easy on your hands
  • Sharp edges for precise and smooth cuts
  • Produced with premium biopolymers for strength
  • Materials are 100% renewable raw materials and are biodegradable
  • FDA and EU approved food safe materials 
  • Manufactured in America’s Hometown ~ Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • Dishwasher safe (only low temp cycle modes)

All dimensions are approximate. Delivery times vary based on production demand and shipping.